About the Arts Council New Orleans


Our Mission & Purpose

Now in its fourth decade, the Arts Council New Orleans is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting arts and culture in the city and demonstrating how art transforms communities. 

Working in partnership with the City of New Orleans, community groups, and other nonprofit organizations, we work to elevate our arts ecosystem, expand and create opportunities for diverse artistic expression, and bring the community together through programming and events that celebrate our rich multicultural heritage. 

Our objectives are to:

  1. Inspire and connect people to place and to each other through the arts and arts experiences
  2. Invest in local artists and cultural producers as the wellspring of our community’s power to imagine, grow, and thrive
  3. Transform place through creative, art and design-centered solutions in public space
  4. Use art to address critical civic, social, and community development challenges
  5. Provide resources to artists and arts organizations that transform the community

What We Do

We administer grant funding, we produce the city’s largest arts markets, we commission art in public places, we design creative youth development and skill building initiatives, and you better stop us now because we could go on. 

We strive to connect with artists, and arts advocates around and beyond the New Orleans metro area.

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