About the Arts Council New Orleans


Now in its 40th year, the Arts Council New Orleans is a private, nonprofit organization designated as the city’s official arts agency. We are one of eight regional distributing agencies for state arts funds and we administer municipal arts grants as well as the Percent For Art program for the City of New Orleans.

The Arts Council works in partnership with the City of New Orleans, community groups, local, state, and national governmental agencies, and other nonprofit arts organizations to meet the arts and cultural needs of the New Orleans community through a diversity of initiatives and services.

Our Mission & Purpose

The Arts Council New Orleans’ mission is to support arts and culture and demonstrate how they transform communities.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Use art to address critical issues that transform the New Orleans community
  2. Support local artists to transform the community
  3. Provide resources to local arts organizations that transform the community
  4. Celebrate leaders that transform the community through the arts
  5. Convene local citizens to transform our community through the arts

What We Do

We administer grant funding, we produce the city’s largest arts market, we manage the city’s Percent for Art Program, we design youth engagement and social justice initiatives, and you better stop us now because we could go on. Please take a tour of our new website for the full scope of our activities and initiatives.

Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to meet you. One great way to make that happen is to join our team of members. Another is to attend our annual Community Arts Awards celebration. Please sign up to be included on our mailing list. And you simply can’t miss LUNA Fête, when the entire city unites in celebration of the arts. We’ll see you there.