Arts Market and the Membership Link

by Dolita Brown


On Saturday’s I have been known to sleep in late and watch the Discovery channel to explore some remote corner of the world, but that’s not the case on the last Saturday of the month. In my corner of the world, the Arts Market of New Orleans, was voted “best local arts market” by Gambit readers for the seventh straight year in a row last year. Not surprisingly, a significant number of Arts Market artists and attendees are members of the Arts Council.

The Arts Market is the perfect combination of Arts Council initiatives: it transforms place, it invests in artist, and it inspires and connects patrons. As an outdoor celebration of creativity held the last Saturday of every month, the Arts Market showcases an average of 100 local and regional artists who display and sell original handmade creations. The event also features local musicians, a kids activities area, delectable delicates, specialty soft drinks, and famous home-grown snowballs.

The Arts Market offers an ideal setting for Arts Council members, potential members, and arts enthusiasts in general to gather and celebrate the creative process. It is conveniently located in Palmer Park, an urban green space in the Carrollton section of New Orleans which connects several diverse neighborhoods through its borders on S. Carrollton and S. Claiborne Avenues, two of the city’s main thoroughfares. Palmer Park is also the final stop on the St. Charles streetcar route.

At the entrance of the Arts Market, just past the arch on S. Carrollton is the Arts Council information booth. There you will find me and other staff members providing information about the Arts Market along with any other programs and services offered by the Arts Council New Orleans. This booth contains Arts Market merchandise, Arts Council information, gallery postcards, local events information, email sign-up sheet, and of course membership forms!

I pride myself on serving as the Arts Market concierge of sorts, and welcoming folks into the Arts Council family. Individual memberships helps the Arts Council advance the resources and opportunities available for all who seek creative nurturing and life enrichment through the arts. Our members are our backbone, our supporters, and true believers in what we do. 

If you are not a member of the Arts Council New Orleans, connect with us now! Come out to the Arts Market of New Orleans and have an artistic experience with the culture that surrounds us. Become part of our collective-action squad, as we continuously strive to provide outlets for artistic expression, exposure, and participation in our arts community. Here’s how to take action: Join us as a member today

Dolita Brown, Membership Manager