Xavier Project: Louis Ochello at Gretna Fest 2014

by Lindsay Glatz



Louis Ochello at Gretna Fest 2014

By Sydni Raymond


The Gretna Festival located in Gretna, Louisana celebrated its 20th Anniversary on October 3 – 4. Festivalgoers described it as huge success. From food trucks to amusement rides, this festival was no disappointment and was worth every penny. Music, food, art, and fun summed up the Gretna Heritage Festival.

At the 2014 Festival, The Xavier Project featured Louis Ochello, a New Orleans native with a unique passion for art. Ochello specializes in wood burning, leather burning, and knife engraving works of anything as simple as someone’s name to full-blown portraits. This was Ochello’s second year participating in Gretna Fest.

Although he sells his portraits, Ochello said money was not his inspiration for making wood works. Ochello said he has been engraving wood for roughly 20 years and participates in other festivals and events for the city including the French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest. Ochello’s inspiration comes from his childhood adventures with his father. He told the Xavier Project that when he was a young boy, his father used to take him hunting and camping and he would see animals and their shapes captivated him. He would then carve the animals out with his pocket knife into sculpted pieces of wood. Every year Ochello said he spends months creating new pieces of wood work to sell for the festivals. The public can learn more about Ochello’s work by contacting him at (504)-799-9923.