2016 Installations

La Maison Production  |  


Global Rainbow  |  Global Rainbow, a monumental light projection by Berlin-based American artist Yvette Mattern, illuminates New Orleans’ night sky with seven high-specification lasers representing colors of the rainbow and visible for up to 30 miles from Lafayette Square. Mattern was inspired to create the work after seeing an unusual rainbow in a beautiful spot at Walden Pond in Massachusetts. With Global Rainbow, the Arts Council aims to connect residents and visitors alike through a beautifully engaging visual that communicates hope and peace.


Lucion  |  Billie, sponsored by Harrah’s, is a series of spheres created by Montreal-based creative studio Lucion Media, which transforms light into a dynamic paintbrush. The Billie spheres are sensitive to all sources of light and encourage viewer interaction through smartphones, glow sticks, flashlights, or any other light-emitting device. Using light sources, the audience can create dynamic shapes and illuminated personal portraits on the surface of a Billie sphere.


Raven PMG  |  Winner of the LUNA Fête local artist prize in 2015, Raven presents L-System. Based on the L-System responsible for plant growth patterns and behaviors, the installation uses this basic organic algorithm to determine its form, lighting, and audio patterns using pressure sensors stimulated by its audience as a point of departure.


Cristina Molina  |  Crystal Radio is an audio-visual installation that transmits intimate, experimental soundscapes directly into audience members’ heads through the consumption of crystalline lollipops.


Brennan Steele  |  Titan the Bison presented by Kern Studios at Mardi Gras World is an interactive 20-foot large bison where audience portraits are mixed with live prerecorded graphics to provide instantaneous interactive visual feedback to the viewers on the bison’s illuminated skin.


Elise Toups + Ryan Groendyk  |  Portal Garden is a video installation that transforms architectural space into a meditative gateway. The installation uses fabricated surfaces that are mapped with video and act as a pop-up theater that viewers are able to move through.


Martin Benson  |  The Venus Well is intended to create a sense of wonder allowing viewers to climb a platform and peer into a magic wishing well which features a radiating mandala in its depths. The Venus Well serves as a metatative and reflective installation.


Jenna deBoisblanc  |  The Cave presented by the Downtown Development District explores the recent rise of machine learning and virtual reality, creating an enclosed space which imagines the results of human cave drawings should man have been replaced by machine.