LUNA Fête 2015 Workshops + Training


2016 LUNA Fête Artist Training Program
Program Dates:  July 19th – August 4th 2016

Arts Council New Orleans is proud to announce our LUNA Fête artist training program, geared towards local and regional artists producing works based in light, technology, and interactivity. This can include (but is not limited to) artists working with video-mapping technologies, digital sculptures, interactive installations, and temporary light-based public art.

The course will provide one-on-one technical, artistic and logistical training to help artists incubate a project from start to finish. Each class will be structured towards working individually and collaboratively with participants while offering in depth information regarding permits and permissions, project budgets, technical execution, fundraising, promotion, and artistic integrity.

Artists who complete the training will be eligible for a $2,000 a project stipend in to fund their projects as a featured 2016 LUNA Fete* installation site. Further, this training is intended for individuals looking to strengthen their artist portfolio and discover international opportunities to showcase work specific to light and technology.

The training program will be limited to a maximum of five (5) artists.

*LUNA (Light up NOLA Arts) Fête, a visionary initiative by the Arts Council New Orleans utilizes iconic local architecture and merges contemporary light and sound works, motion graphics, and video-mapping practices to create a series of site specific large-scale outdoor light installations across the city leading up to the New Orleans 2018 Tricentennial. 



LUNA Fete 2015 Summer Workshop Series included: 


“Sharing Light with the people, empowering them to create with light, giving them the opportunity to appropriate themselves of their own urban space this is the motto for each of Ocubo’s creations.”

With projects undertaken throughout the world, Ocubo is an international reference in video mapping, interactive projections and participatory installations. Demonstrating an ongoing concern in communicating with the audience and turning the viewer into an active participant is the central theme in many of Ocubo’s artworks. The artists’ aim is to lead people towards art, and by this, drawing them into social matters and most of all, lighting a new future.

This lecture explains the types of participative projects the studio creates and the various ways people can be involved in that process.



10:00am – noon

Basin St. Station – 501 Basin St.



Free and open to the public

Visiting artist Nicolas Ticot, of XLR Projects, will offer a preliminary introduction to videomapping concepts that incorporate both digital media and vjing, a real time visual preformance synchronized to music. Ticot will also cover a brief overview of past projects, methods and collaborative efforts he applies to video-mapping projects. The information sessions will close with a live digital performance demonstration.


Please RSVP:

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2:00 – 5:00pm

Arts Council New Orleans – 935 Gravier St., Suite 850

Free; Limited to 10 participants

SESSION NOW FULL, Please email to be added to waitlist

RSVP Required –

During the afternoon session Ticot will offer a hands-on workshop in which participants will experience a real initiation to combining vjing and video mapping. This three-hour session is ideal for artists, engineers, and individuals interested in creating video mapping work here in New Orleans.