SALON Artists in Residence

SALON Artists in Residence

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Presented by

Arts Council New Orleans has partnered with Canal Place to offer free studio and exhibition space in a retail storefront within the center. Over the course of six-month residencies, SALON artists will use their creative practices to activate the studio space, as well as other areas throughout the center, through open studio tours, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and more.

Visitors can experience SALON and visit with artists during open gallery hours 1-6pm every Wednesday through Monday.

The second round of SALON artists includes Beverly Alomepe, Danielle Hein, D. Lammie Hanson, Renee JohnsonFemaissance, Milagros, Xavier Juarez, and Crystal Efemmes comprised of Vanessa Centeno, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Cristina Molina, and Ryn Wilson. Learn more about SALON Residents here. 


The salon was historically conceived as royally sanctioned exhibitions of painters and sculptors for elite society in 17th century France. In the 19th century, radical and censored artists challenged these established spaces with their own counter-salons favoring rebellion, experimentation and modernity. As a nod to the past positioned in the future, SALON is a space for ideas and instincts to run wild, for relinquishing our minds to creative visitation and possibility, and for the curious and the questioning to gather earnestly in common intrigue.
SALON features six clean, white-walled studios of varied sizes, a communal workshop space, and a gallery for exhibitions, all free of charge to artists. This unusual collaboration comes at a time when affordable studio space is becoming harder and harder to find in New Orleans. Through dedicated, comfortable work space, SALON seeks to provide a sanctuary for resident artists to create and grow. As a new and unconventional residency model, SALON hopes to promote collaborative practice through multidisciplinary artist practices and by offering programmatic opportunities in a space that by its nature is experimental.
SALON promises exciting programming, exhibitions, and performances. Follow the Arts Council’s website and social media channels at #salonresidency for updates and listings of everything going on. 
Stop by our open gallery hours from 12-5pm every Wednesday and Friday. Open studio hours every Saturday from 12-8pm.
For inquiries, please email Arts Council Creative Director, Lindsay Glatz at

Current show:

Renee Johnson | The Last Modiste: Modiste Par Excellence
August 1, 2019 – Aug. 18th, 2019 | Reception August 10th, 6 – 9pm  

“The last Modiste” is the first exhibition of New Orleans fashion designer/modiste Renee Johnson. This exhibition will explore the influence that New Orleans Modistes has had in fashion. As far back as the 1800s, Modiste has designed and handcrafted dresses, hats and other accessories for the most fashionable ladies. These modistes dictated, replicated, and produced all the upcoming fashion trends sold in shops and department stores. They also designed and created custom garments for debutante balls, an old tradition still prevalent in New Orleans and a few other southern cities. The last Modiste shines a well-deserved light on the ladies’ sewing practices as well as their contributions to fashion that have survived for generations. J’Renee hopes to inspire the next “modiste par excellence” and keep the sewing practices and traditions of New Orleans alive.


Upcoming shows:

MILAGROS Collective | Catch Basin 
Aug 19th, 2019 – Sept 14th, 2019 (repaint Sept. 15th, 2019 – 16th, 2019)  

“Catch Basin” is a mixed-media installation of paint and sculpture that features objects harvested from a place called the “catch basin” in the Mississippi River. This exhibition will highlight the effects of foam and other pollution that we are encountering at an alarming rate. Much of the foam and other man-made materials transform and resemble natural structures. At the later stages of transformation, the objects become very slightly distinguishable from rocks. To display this process, the art pieces have been further transformed into these pseudo-natural forms with paint, resin, and other means. Some of the works have eyes and mouths attached to them while dog-adoption language is used to convey the scope of the problem.


Crystal Efemmes | The Fall
September 17th, 2019 – October 6th, 2019

Inspired by the 90’s traditional use of living mannequins in window displays of 5th avenue in New York and the French tradition of the Tableaux Vivant (living picture), “The Fall” exhibition is an interactive multi-media window display that reimagines the Garden of Eden as a site of paradise where the “Fall of Man” never occurred. The exhibition will take a performative approach where figures will move slowly through the theatrically lit scene in costume, carefully posed with props and within the backdrop of a constructed botanical paradise. When performers are not physically present, costumed mannequins will act as replacements. Other visual languages will include hanging textiles, sculptural elements, and projection mapping. Visitors are invited to enter the immersive “living picture” and move about the space exploring various elements of the installation. Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods that promotes vitality and immortality, will be offered to viewers.


Miss Hein | TDB 
October 7th, 2019 – October 31st, 2019