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Founded in 2000, D’PROJECT, Inc. is now a 501c(3) non-profit Modern Dance Company celebrating more than 10 YEARS of multidisciplinary collaborations. Our goals have been to bring more to the stage than simply dance. We merge various art forms into our productions through musicians, sculpture, projection and other elements that give our work a special reputation.

Under the Artistic Direction of Eddy Villalta, D’PROJECT’s mission has been to collaborate with individual artists, companies and students throughout our area, to bring together unique talents, and offer opportunities to perform in a professional environment. D’PROJECT further nurtures the arts through our partnering with Young Audiences of Louisiana with our YOUTH OUTREACH program for underprivileged children.

D’PROJECT’s most significant work has been through its “SOUTHERN VOICES: dance out LOUD” series. This grant-funded idea has grown into an annual dance festival that opens doors to dozens of area musical and performing artists. After finishing its fourth year, this collaborative event has given the stage to more than 280 artists, from students to senior citizens. This year the festival received 4 nominations from the 2012 Tribute to the Classical Arts. Our fifth season is in production and will showcase yet more performing artists during the month of June 2012.

D’PROJECT is proud of the collaborations and friendships we have built. We are even more excited about the possibilities ahead. For more information, please contact Eddy Villalta at (601) 259-6497, or visit our website> http://www.DProject.us

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828 Royal Street, Drawer 230
New Orleans, 70116
web: http://www.DProject.us
email: DProject@bellsouth.net
phone: (601) 259 - 6497