David Art Center Mural

Forrest Reiff's mural at David Art Center

Forrest Reiff’s mural at David Art Center


Mural Location:  David Art Center, 3020 N. Arnoult Road

Mural Artist: Forrest Reiff 

Reiff is a Floridian born artist. Throughout the entirety of his life he was exposed to a myriad of aesthetics and graphic understanding. Drawn from the ancient petroglyphs all the way through the future world of science fiction. Both of his parents have an extremely keen eye for detail and beauty and  impressed that upon him. Since an early age he was making patterns that eventually turn into what is called art. Through rigorous self motivated multi-disciplinary enhancements he has come to a comfortable understanding of his own voice in the modern art world. Behind everything is a matrix of shapes waiting to be understood and recreated. Through the recognition of these repeated forms he find bliss in all of it’s elegance. He carries the practice of art as a liberating frequency for himself and all of mankind.