Eureka Square Mural

Fat City Mural Project

Chris Pavlik believes, much like Aesop and Warner Bros. cartoons, in telling stories about people with animals. In this mural, the school of fish represents groups of people. “We all form into groups, many groups over time,” Pavlik explains. “Common interests, shared heritage, political identity; these all bring people together into schools of thought and action, with every group swimming around the others in an endless water ballet. The sharks are a way to think about how some groups interact – everyone coming together to be part of something bigger, stronger, and more ancient than themselves. The turtle is just a turtle”.

Chris Pavlik grew up an Army brat, spending his nomadic childhood moving between places as varied as Maryland and Frankfurt, Germany. After leaving his life of travel behind, Pavlik spent some time living in Kansas City and then the Northeast. At the moment, Pavlik is a resident of beautiful Lafayette.