Fat City Mural Project Partners


Fat City Friends, Inc. a non-profit Corporation organized to support the re-vitalization of the Fat City community is currently accepting proposals from organizations interested in creating a commissioned public art mural program in Fat City District in Metairie, LA. This project is one of several initiatives aimed at enriching the Fat City District experience for all visitors and stakeholders of the Fat City District.

“Fat City” is an area of about 100 acres and is located adjacent to one of the largest and most prosperous shopping areas in the southeastern United States, Lakeside Shopping Center.

Fat City was once considered as the ‘French Quarter’ of Jefferson Parish and was a hotbed of music clubs and restaurants. Over time however, the area declined and lost much of its vibrancy and attractiveness.

Today however, due to the determined efforts of public officials and private citizens, Fat City is being reinvented and there is an exciting opportunity to build on these recent efforts.  Just as the Times Square area was restored as the physical and cultural heartbeat of NYC, Fat City can be redeveloped as a town center for Jefferson, attracting new commercial activity and fostering a new vitality for Fat City residents.

More info about Fat City Friends available here