Southern Aesthetics Mural

Fat City Mural Project

Kyle Bravo’s mural “Legs in the Air” features 2 pairs of legs – both dressed for a night out on the town. The mural pays homage to Fat City’s renown as a night-life destination. Bravo’s work is often site specific or installed in a manner that responds directly to the context in which it is seen. With a dark humor, Bravo’s work explores the intersection of the mundanity of everyday life alongside an ongoing existential search for meaning and purpose.

An artist and musician who lives and works in the Upper 9th Ward of New Orleans, Kyle Bravo has exhibited his art all over the world, from New York to Tokyo and beyond. Bravo’s work takes a variety of forms: drawing, screen-printing, collage, performance, and installation. What grounds his aesthetic sensibility is his background in punk, zine, and DIY subcultures, along with an early training in graphic design.