Creative Intelligence Academy

Youth Solutions

Creative Intelligence Academy is a 5 week Art & Design program that will initiate the delivery of the Youth Solutions curriculum, potentially serving 80+ students in the Central City and Treme areas. The program will consist of at least four iterations throughout 2015-16.

Equipping young people with the knowledge and skills to observe, explore, and question their neighborhoods using a creative and critical lens.

Community-based research using a variety of methods–interviews with neighbors, man on the street or door to door informal surveys, photo-voice, etc. Youth participants will use this information to design their project proposals. All participants will be challenged to deliberate and ultimately select 1-2 projects for execution.

The final weeks of the program are dedicated to the collaborative execution of selected placemaking projects. Youth will work with artist mentors and community volunteers to create their vision for community improvement. The program will culminate with a public event and celebration.