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The Skywalkas - Everywhere (NEW SONG)

Added September 12th, 2011


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The Skywalkas are a New Orleans based rap group that hit the local circuit in ’09 with the release of their classic mixtape titled “Skywalkas x Landlovas”, their unique sound and diversity have garnered them fans from every spectrum. They represent the sudden change of events that gives hope where there once was despair. With songs like “Interior Design” the trio have captured their hopes, their ambitions, their social values and their lives on record. But, The Skywalkas understand that everybody isn’t just one way, all the time, there are many different sides to a person and everything isn’t always black and white, in-fact they have come to the realization that most things, people, and situations are really just shades of grey, with no real answer just life lessons to learn from. And, honestly thats where all of it comes from, “Ms Spacely”, “Glitter”, “Famous”, “Roses” and every song they have ever made, all stems from The Skywalkas life experiences. The experiences of three best friends, from the same neighborhood. Huna x Obi x Harper. They are The Skywalkas the best thing you’ve never heard of, tune in.