LUNA Fete continues through Dec. 6th

Tiffany Adler, board president of the city’s Arts Council, greeted guests in front of Gallier Hall, thanking them for attending the second night of LUNA Fete on Monday, Dec. 1. 

“I just heard Walter Isaacson speak tonight,” she said in passing, referencing his recently released book, “The Innovators.” “He says innovators stand at the crossroads of art and technology, and here we are tonight.” 

The Arts Council of New Orleans has brought together both of those ingredients for Luna Fete, which lights up Gallier Hall for free, twice-nightly shows at 7 and 7:30 p.m. though Dec. 6.

“The projection portrays a fast-paced, upbeat view of the growth of New Orleans, from swamp to steamboat port, to contemporary Carnival on St. Charles Avenue,” reports Doug MacCash. “In a surrealistic stream, snakes and alligators slither over the neoclassical columns, rainbow-colored silhouettes wander the walls, a paddle wheeler plies a digital river, a meteor shower angles across the pediment, bats drift across a spooky imaginary cemetery, the building explodes into digital confetti, flowering vines consume the architecture and on and on.”