First Quarter Direct Purchase 2016

On February 25th, the Arts Council hosted it’s 2016 first quarter Direct Purchase in conjunction with its new speaker series, Art + Place.  Art + Place brings together artists and speakers to discuss topics related to art, community, and the built environment. The event, which took place at the People’s Health New Orleans Jazz Market, featured a well-rounded and well-received exhibition of Direct Purchase finalists. Congratulations to our first quarter selections!

Katrina Andry

Katrina Andry – Self Portrait of a Black Woman. 14 x 22 in. Stone lithograph.

Joshua Edward Bennett

Joshua Edward Bennett – OFWESJI. 26 x 26 in. Aluminum and plywood.

Epaul Julien

Epaul Julien – Queen B. 34 x 40 in. Mixed media.

Annie Moran

Annie Moran – Kings and Jungles. 29 x 36 in. Watercolor and charcoal.

Nurhan Gokturk

Nurhan Gokturk – Bio City World. 40 x 60 in. Ink and watercolor on cotton paper.

Muffin Bernstein

Muffin Bernstein – Metatron Monarch Medallion. 30 in. Dye infused aluminum.