New Orleans Airlift/ Music Box Village: Executive Director Position

Deadline to Apply: February 15, 2023


For the past 12 years, New Orleans Airlift has forged connections between people, ideas, and cultures through the creation of experimental public artworks. Music Box Village is Airlift’s flagship project, composed of a series of artist-made interactive musical houses designed for performance and play.


Our next leader will be putting their energy towards our expanding Bywater campus which includes the ever-evolving Music Box Village, the legacy project of Airlift’s decade plus work, and the possibilities of our new school house. New Orleans Airlift and the Music Box Village will continue to push the art world on what musical architecture and public practice art can mean for musicians, artists, builders, and the community-at-large.


LEAD with fierce compassion to advance Airlift’s mission, build its fundraising strategies and ensure its strength and growth

COLLABORATE with stakeholders + staff on high-quality public artworks that are impactful, engender empathy, and foster cross-cultural exchange

CONSTRUCT a clear sense of direction for the organization as well as internal systems and structures in order to support staff, seasonal contract workers, community partners, and patrons.


Where: New Orleans, LA

Start Date: Spring 2023

Salary: $75K to $90k + Benefits


Executive Directors

Senior Nonprofit Leaders

Nonprofit and Philanthropy Leaders

Senior Music Industry Leaders

Senior Arts Leaders

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