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LUNA (Light Up NOLA Arts) Fête is a visionary initiative by the Arts Council New Orleans to utilize local iconic architecture and merge contemporary light, sound installation, motion graphics, and video-mapping practices to create a series of artistic large-scale outdoor light installations across the city leading up to New Orleans 2018 Tri-Centennial. It’ mission to stimulate connectivity across sectors, shine a light on arts in New Orleans.

Through LUNA Fête the Arts Council New Orleans has initiated a cultural exchange effort intended to foster both international economic exchange alongside increased awareness of and opportunities for the local arts community. Envisioned as a community-wide experiential event LUNA Fête 2015 will begin on November 29, 2015, illuminating Gallier Hall with a sweeping outdoor projection of light and video by France-based La Maison Productions. Ashe’s Powerhouse Theater will also be activated by Portugal-based OCUBO during the week long exhibition. Each year the Arts Council will grow the scope of international partnerships and expand the number of installations leading up to the Tri-Centennial celebration.

LUNA Fête provides the ideal opportunity to celebrate New Orleans creative industries in new millennium style. On a local level this project touches the intersection of art, architecture, technology, film, community engagement, and tourism – with the plan to ignite a movement that stimulates cross-sector relationships and collaboration. LUNA Fête creates the next generation of family friendly outdoor spectacle that is consistent with New Orleans community and street-based celebration that inspires awe and connects people to a new era of contemporary art.

 View our 2014 presentation by La Maison Production on Gallier Hall




You probably noticed that LUNA Fête is an ambitious idea. All ambitious ideas need visionaries – believers – to really work. To learn how to Support LUNA Fête as a Visionary business click here. Individuals may support the event though our limited-edition Luminary program


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2014 LUNA Fête Results

 MetricsAudience 15,000

Media Impressions: 2,907,759

Total Impressions: 3,192,578

Event Publicity Value: $678,010.52