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The Fat City Mural Project, 2017

The transformative power of public art in communities

Supported by Council District Tourism Funds from Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng, this creative placemaking project finalized at a moment when Fat City underwent a reinvention. Today, due in part to the efforts of public officials and private citizens the area is being redeveloped with a vision to create a town center for Jefferson Parish, attracting new commercial activity and fostering a new vitality for Fat City residents. The Fat City Mural Project exemplifies the transformative power of public art in communities.

The Fat City Mural Project allowed us to add interest to the area while enhancing some of the existing wonderful businesses. I was able to provide the necessary funding but it was Fat City Friends who turned the concept into a reality – they got the paint on the wall. It may seem like a simple enough task but in reality, it was very involved and required hundreds of hours of work coordinating with business owners, artists and government. After months of tireless work by many, we are now able to see these pieces of art throughout the Fat City neighborhood. While fostering conversation about beauty and art, they will serve as positive landmarks for those trying to navigate the evolving landscape and growing business community.”

Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng