About Us

Now in our fourth decade, Arts New Orleans is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting arts and culture in the city.

Core Values

We operate based on the following values:


Where everyone feels a sense of belonging

Embodying diversity and inclusivity, striving for equity and justice

Based on collegiality and authentic partnerships


Requiring risk-taking

In policy and practice

As a muscle to develop


As New Orleans’ competitive advantage

Embedded within our residents

From any source


As the premise of our work

As the key to limitless possibility

As a prerequisite for sustainable change


Rooted in empathy

Informed by best practices and new ideas

In service of arts and culture

Our Mission

Improve Quality of Life in New Orleans

We do this by supporting, activating, and investing in our city’s greatest natural resource: our artists, cultural producers, and creative community.  


Public Artworks

Contributed Across the Greater New Orleans Region

Our Vision

Art in Everything

Building on the abundant cultural wealth and creativity of our community, Arts New Orleans envisions a New Orleans in which arts and culture play a pivotal role in all areas of policy, planning, and placemaking. We believe art and artists should be central to all community and economic development efforts – from public health to public safety, education to infrastructure. 


Community Partners

Working collaboratively to support creativity

Est. 1975

Our History

The Arts Council of New Orleans dba Arts New Orleans is a private, 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1975 and designated as the official arts agency for the City of New Orleans. Arts New Orleans also serves as a Regional Arts Agency on behalf of the Louisiana Division of the Arts for Orleans, Jefferson, and Plaquemines Parishes.

Since our founding, Arts New Orleans has established a history of successfully working in partnership

with individuals, community groups, education providers, all levels of governmental agencies, as well as other nonprofit arts organizations and businesses to meet the arts and cultural needs of its constituents in the greater New Orleans region. Arts New Orleans promotes cultural wealth and creativity of its communities, continues to advocate for the arts economy, and supports a more equitable, joyful, and resilient city through its programs and services.