Explore a New Dimension: YAM unveils an Augmented Reality experience within the Light Bearer’s Mural Project

Explore a new dimension! The Augmented Reality (AR) component of the Light Bearer’s mural is now LIVE! Parade-goers can visit the mural site through Mardi Gras at the Gallier Hall grandstand.

When visiting the mural: Scan the QR codes at each panel, tap the AR icon, and enjoy! The experience is compatible with Apple devices only.

The Young Artist Movement presents “Light Bearers”, a Mardi Gras themed mural created by lead artist Journey Allen and 24 youth artists. “Light Bearers” mural installation pays homage to the Flambeaux Carriers who were the first African Americans to participate in the mainstream New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration. Flambeaux participants consisted of both enslaved Africans and freed men of color who would earn tips tossed from the crowd as wages for their service of illuminating the path for nighttime parades by way of hand-held torches during the once segregated celebration. This physical mural was created by our 2023 summer cohort and further developed in early 2024 through our AR program. 

Led and created by our youth artists, this AR project provided a space to explore the possibilities of the intersection of art and tech. YAM artists used mural documentation and the power of augmented reality (AR) to highlight the project’s theme and share the mural making process with parade-goers. Our young artists aimed for audiences to gain a deeper understanding of the tradition of African American traditions through this enhancement of the “Light Bearers” mural.

We would like to thank Apple for being the funder of this project and allowing our students to use the technology to create an immersive experience!