Support received from Arts New Orleans through the Community Arts Grants program has helped sustain The Guardians Institute Museum. It provides crucial operating funds to help keep our museum open to the public, dollars used for property insurance and lawn maintenance.

Herreast HarrisonBoard President of Guardians Institute Museum in the Lower 9th Ward

Arts New Orleans supported public art at New Orleans’ one and only skatepark — and in doing so, took a big risk. The funding allowed skaters to meet with architects, engineers and metal workers, design a skateable sculpture, fabricate it, and install it, start to finish. It raised the profile of the park locally and put kids at the park in the driver’s seat. Arts New Orleans took a big chance on the young skateboarders of New Orleans. We noticed.

Skylar FeinArtist & Parisite Skate DIY Park Founder

Thank you so much for an incredible weekend of LUNA Fête. The experience for our girls and their families was unparalleled. Both exhibits were hits and only possible because of your persistence and assistance.

Flor SernaElectric Girls Founder